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3 Customizable 1x2 Bins (1.6" x 3.56")

3 Customizable 1x2 Bins (1.6" x 3.56")

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Pack of 3 Customizable 1x2 Modular Internal Bins for use in Colony 28 Modular Tackle Box

(VCI)Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor molded into the plastic which prevents contents from rusting.

Patent Pending



Warning SymbolWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive 

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  • THIN

    Compatible with Colony 8T, Colony 15T, and Colony 28T

  • Standard

    Compatible with Colony 15 and Colony 28

  • DEEP

    Compatible with Colony 15D and Colony 28D

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Doug (Brunswick, Ohio)
BUZBE has checked out, and gone dark.

Looking at several reviews on the BUZBE site lately (July 2024), BUZBE has gone dark. I ordered 13 packs of the 1x2 Bins on the BUZBE site for boxes I already own. 13 1x1 bins arrived. I sent them multiple emails and even reached out to them on social media. 2 weeks with NO RESPONSE. I have been super happy with the product but a company that doesn't even have the common courtesy to respond to a customer issue that is 100% their fault is just plain rude. Several reviews on their site claim the same, they just don't respond to their customers.The true test of character is not went things run smoothly, but when a problem arises. Unfortunately the unresponsive and rude character of the leadership at this company is very disheartening. Proceed at your own risk.

Jake (Stillwater, Oklahoma)

By far the best tackle box I’ve owned, 4/5 stars only because they’re a bit pricey especially when you order more trays for specific organization.

Anthony S. (Algonquin, Illinois)
They are sized properly

THey fit and work well.

Just don't try to get any question answered on your order. The response is lacking in timeliness and without any sense of urgency.

Phil (Denver, Colorado)
Colony 15

Nice boxes I chose Busby because the advertise that hooks and other goodies will stay in the bins you put them in. This is true, I made a terminal tackle box out of mine. I've turned it upside down and shook the heck out of it and all my wacky hooks and ned hooks stayed where I put them. Good Job Busby.

Jason B. (Katy, Texas)
Great Product!

Very happy with my BUZBE tackle boxes!