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Terminal - Colony 28 Modular Tackle Box
Brian J. (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
Finally a Box I Love

Absolutely love my Buzbe. I’m a little OCD (sort the silverware going in to the dishwasher) and these boxes make it so easy to organize my tackle. Very well made as well. I’m a Buzbe Believer!!!

Swarm 28 Modular Tackle Bag
Greg B. (Chicago, Illinois)

Buzbe has my tackle protected and organized. I have the large and medium soft sides as well to keep the console organized and dry!

Colony 15T (Thin) Modular Tackle Box
Jon A. (Slidell, Louisiana)
Great Addition to the Colony Line…

I do mostly inshore fishing in SE Louisiana, primarily for speckled trout, redfish and flounder… but opportunities CAN include everything from largemouth bass to cobia, tripletail and tarpon, depending on the day. This means keeping a variety of tackle at the ready, and in a small boat having it all organized helps keep it under control. I’m using the Colony 15 boxes due to the layout of my tackle bag, and the Colony 15 Thin allows me to carry a couple of extra boxes, which is a big plus. I’ve also noticed that the new bins stay locked into the box really well, and may have an extra 0.1” of so of space due to the thinner profile. All in all, a great addition to the family!

Fast Flatz - Half X-Large
Jason B. (Bay Shore, New York)
Outstanding Product!

I use it for fluro and it fits 8 of blue labels, holds up to anything. definitely would recommend and buy again

Colony 28 Modular Tackle Box

Quik Qube - Medium Deep
Jay V. (San Antonio, Texas)

I am a professional angler in the elite redfish series. This spring I purchased some of these products and thoroughly have enjoyed them and abused them. Great product

Great little tackle box

I really love how small and compact this tackle box is. It fits all of my terminal tackle for cat fishing in one spot. It fits nicely in my backpack. When I am fishing less is more.

Great boxes

I bought 3 swarm systems thinking I needed a lot of room, I have plenty of tackle and I still have room left. Great construction and I am pleased.

Great tackle boxes

I am very impressed with the quality of the product and the versatility of them!

Long - Colony 28D (Deep) Modular Tackle Box
William O. (Pensacola, Florida)
Well built but needs different bin configuation.

Needs bins that run full length width wise. Because it is extra deep it would be great to store large trolling lures. The bins that come with it run fore and aft and are just to small. Full width bins that were a little wider would be nice also.

Quik Qube - Medium Deep
Scott S. (Port Orange, Florida)
Not used as of yet.

They feel and look durable but have not put them through the ringer yet. I live in Florida and it rains alot so trying these to see how waterproof they are.

Crank - Colony 28D (Deep) Modular Tackle Box
Kevin B. (Nashville, Tennessee)

Good product. The crank box should come standard with the longer trays to fit larger crank baits.

Starter Kit - Colony 28 Modular Tackle Box
Jerry L. (Joplin, Missouri)
Nice and tight

The boxes are well made and the fit you get with the inner tubs is unprecedented in holding your tackle from moving from inner tubs, mixing smalls has always been a problem. That been said, the inner tubs take up room needed for tackle. I found that one of my boxs of tackle will fill one and half of the buzbe box's. Meaning I will have to Have more buzbe or use the ones I have for everything but smalls. Buzbe is expensive because they are the best I've owned

Colony 28D (Deep) Modular Tackle Box
Kiel M. (Pensacola, Florida)
BUZBE Deep Modular tackle box is great

High quality material, well made.

Colony 28 Modular Tackle Box
Tayor T. (Youngsville, Louisiana)
Tackle Box

This is by far the #1 tackle box. Took my box with all my weights in it and the box still floated in the water. This product gets a 10/10

Casting - Quik-Shield Rod Cover
TED R. (Kingman, Arizona)
rod covers

They are very nice, heavy duty and look cool

Long - Colony 28 Modular Tackle Box
Craig S. (Coppell, Texas)

This is one of the best fishing products I have seen for a long time. It's not cheap for a reason, it does what they say it's going to do, and that's refreshing for a change. It's also not another knockoff; these guys did their homework and delivered.
Kudos boys; I am a fan and a believer in what you are doing.

Starter Kit - Colony 28 Modular Tackle Box
Jimmy I. (Memphis, Tennessee)
Jimmy Ivy

These are great boxes . High quality should last for years. Great service I was using them the day after I ordered.

The last tackle box you will ever buy

These are impressive boxes. Secure latches, watertight seals and rugged construction.......and my lures and rigging supplies actually fit nicely. If you're tired of replacing your tackle boxes every few years, buy these.

Spinning - Quik-Shield Rod Cover
Roger F. (Franklin, New Hampshire)
Excellent rod covers! Highly recommend

I love my Buzbe rod covers. I’ve used the woven type for years, and they worked but often rod guides would get caught in them, sometimes forcing me to CUT the mesh to free the rod.
The Buzz sleeves are smooth and offer much more protection. I store my rods in vertical rod tubes in my Hobie kayak, and these work great for that purpose.
Love all my Buzbe products (I have the Colony Modular Tackle Boxes).

Starter Kit - Colony 28 Modular Tackle Box
Merle G. (Virginia Beach, Virginia)
Great Boxes!

I replaced all my old flimsy tackle storage boxes with these heavy duty boxes, we fish offshore and keeping our stuff organized and dry is important. These boxes did the trick. The starter kit worked perfect to get setup, I will be ordering more boxes in the future.

Colony 28 Modular Tackle Box
R.C. (Thomson, Georgia)
Favorite tackle box ever!

I absolutely love this thing! Keeps everything separated and safe. No more hooks wandering into nearby dividers. Super secure latches! Can’t wait to get some more of these.

Casting - Quik-Shield Rod Cover
KEVIN M. (Galena, Illinois)
Rod sock

Very durable

Colony 28 Modular Tackle Box
James L. (Sacramento, California)
Colony 28

I haven’t had it on the water yet. It is well made and very secure. I now wish there was something a little bigger. The depth is fine but I could use a few more inches of length or width.

Spinning - Quik-Shield Rod Cover
Shane S. (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Rod Wrap

What a nice produce protects the rod very nicely