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SOLID Design

I bought 3 different Buzbe tackle boxes as a test to compare against the different Plano boxes I currently own. In my opinion, the Buzbe boxes happen to be more solid and better designed tackle boxes. Terminal hooks and tackle did NOT escape into other sections as mentioned. I also really like the versatility of the modular inserts to fit whatever type of tackle you may need for the occasion. These are not as slim as other boxes, so I have yet to test how functional they will be in my kayak(s). However, if I was a boat owner, I would have nothing but Buzbe's on my boat. SOLID design Buzbe!

No issues at all.

My bins connect securely and my tackle is organized and neat. I didnt realize how many baits I actually had. But now I can see and easily access the full arsenal. I'll be purchasing additional boxes as my tackle inventory requires. Best box on the market and I'm going to tell everyone about it.

Top-Quality System

This is a really great system, both for organization and for taking good care of the equipment. It’s very solid, the lids and latches fit precisely (unlike the standard plastic utility boxes out there), the seal is excellent, and the UV and rust protection are a great bonus. The clear plastic boxes are a good inexpensive product, but they don’t stay clear very long once they start to get scratched and yellowed, and over time the lids become loose, the ribs and dividers warp - none of this will happen with the Colony boxes...

The drawbacks are very few... The Colony 15 is not exactly the same size as the equivalent standard clear plastic utility box, but it’s close, and fits well in my tackle bag. The boxes are thicker, so I can carry only three in the space that used to hold four, but it works well. (I can actually get four Buzbe boxes in, but it’s a tight fit, so I went with three and took it as an opportunity to de-clutter my lure collection!) Because the bins are thick and heavy-duty, they do take up some space, and each box appears to hold a slightly smaller amount of tackle - but once you start to take advantage of the organization possibilities I’ve found the Colony boxes actually hold just about as much. The bins snap in place pretty well, but can come slightly loose. However, since the lid of the box seals the contents in place the bins are always realigned and pressed back into place when the lid is closed, so a loose bin doesn’t really cause any problem, and can easily be snapped back in as needed.

All in all, I’ve been very pleased. I’ve also purchased the Colony 28 boxes for another type of fishing, so I’m recycling lots of clear plastic utility boxes and plan to use only the Buzbe boxes in the future.

Decent System Well Made

I really haven’t been in the field yet with my new Tackle Storage System but I’m happy with its ability to safety store my gear. It seems to be water resistant so rust shouldn’t be an issue. The only downside I’ve had so far is it’s difficult to open one handed hopefully this will improve with use, the other slight problem is the inserts that actually hold the tackle snap into the case similar to the little blocks that kids play with. I have found that it’s sometimes difficult for this connection to happen again I’m probably doing something incorrectly as I’ve noticed it happening less and less. Price wise I feel the Buzbe Boxes to be a better solution as far as costs go compared to its major competitors.

Looks great

Time will tell.

Great product

Very solid awesome product


They are very strong, and seem to be made of really good material and I really like the customization of them.

Colony 28 Modular Tackle Box

Best tackle box ever

My hard bait hooks have always rusted and my live bait hooks and swivles never stayed in place. This is the best tackle box ever, esp. For salt water.


Would like one or two large compartments that follow the length of the box. Other than that all good.

Buzbe - It Be Worthy Of The Buzz

Since my Colony 28s have arrived it's been tackle organization daily. The boxes are well made and sturdy. Best of all the options have been limitless! Thanks

Buy these. They are great

Buy these. They are great

Great box

Excellent modular system allows you to customize whatever you are using it for.
I use mine for medical instruments and it works great

Great product

Box and bins are nice and great construction. Great for terminal tackle but not deep enough for certain items

Modular box review

I like the modular setup that allows the opportunity to set the box up as I want. The structure appears sturdy but have not had long enough to determine. I do not like the price point but it is what it is.

Nothing beats this tackle system

I could not be happier with this investment. The construction is well thought out, strong, and aesthetically appealing. The usability and customizability is unmatched. I am a kayak fisherman and the smaller boxes fit in my kayak crate perfectly and are easy to use while out on the water. I truly appreciate that I can pack 7 to 8 of these if I want and everything I pack is staying right where I placed it no matter what orientation the box is in. I will be adding more to my collection for sure.

Product is what I expected but not quite as big as I was expecting... but not a knock at all...

Perfect size

These Buzbe 2x2 are the perfect size for a variety of hooks

Great product!

Made it easy for me to organize my stuff! Would recommend!

Better like them

I have went all in with these. I now have 14 of the 28 colony boxes and 1 of the 15 colony boxes and they seem so much better than my old boxes. Only problem is that one of the latches is broken.

Hi Jason,

Glad to hear you are enjoying your boxes! I just had 2 new latches sent your way! I am extremely sorry you received a broken one. It appears that we had a few bad latches in our last run, but this should not be an issue in the future!

6 Customizable 1x1 Bins (1.6" x 1.6")

I purchased two of these a month ago and had to order more. They are so customizable to my needs, keep everything right where I want them, and keep everything protected from salt spray while I am out on the skiff. Plus they are built better than anything else on the marker.

Love them! They are great!

Seem like nice boxes so far

Boxes seem well built. The bins are nice and solid. For whatever reason they don't snap in firmly all the time. This leads to some of them seeming loose. That said, it shouldn't matter to functionality unless you were to drop the box while it was open. Overall happy so far.

15 buzbee

Perfect size for those little things. Jig heads ,hooks terminal tackle