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2 Customizable 1x4 Bins (1.6" x 7.5")

2 Customizable 1x4 Bins (1.6" x 7.5")

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Pack of 2 Customizable 1x4 Modular Internal Bins for use in Colony 28 Modular Tackle Box

(VCI)Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor molded into the plastic which prevents contents from rusting.

Patent Pending



Warning SymbolWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive 

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  • THIN

    Compatible with Colony 8T, Colony 15T, and Colony 28T

  • Standard

    Compatible with Colony 15 and Colony 28

  • DEEP

    Compatible with Colony 15D and Colony 28D

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Steve G. (Wilmington, Delaware)
Buzbe boxes

The best tackle storage I’ve used in 30+ years. Not inexpensive but you get what you pay for!

Kenneth (Columbus, Ohio)
Awsome Storage/should have been available years ago

I don't generally write reviews, but this system is worth touting. Do yourself the favor of getting the starter bundle, and you'll be hooked, no pun intended. A few years back I lost about 350–400 dollars worth of hooks that were in a bag holder and yes it was zipped up as if fell overboard. This stuff really floats with nice seals insuring no water intrusion.

David G. (San Antonio, Texas)

The bins ordered did not fit correctly in the box. Had to remove bins from another box that would fit properly. Had to move them around till they fit properly.

David B. (Houston, Texas)
The Good Stuff

Excellent boxes.

Ben B. (Sicklerville, New Jersey)
1 x4 bins

These are great for plastics, football jigs and crank baits. Buzbe products are awesome! I’m ordering new stuff every week! Thanks Buzbe!!