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Long - Colony 28D (Deep) Modular Tackle Box

Long - Colony 28D (Deep) Modular Tackle Box

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This Colony 28 Deep is preconfigured in a popular layout used to store larger and longer lures and baits.

The BUZBE Colony 28D (Deep) Modular Tackle Box uses new innovative technology that resets the standard of what tackle storage can do. Extremely familiar yet totally redesigned. 

Designed to be customized to one’s needs, protect tackle, and be durable enough to last for years of fishing. Fishermen are different and unique, why shouldn’t their tackle box be too?

Prepacked with:
  Seven - 1x4D bins
Additional Customizable Bins sold separately HERE.
Dimensions: 14" x 9" x 3.25"
Patent Pending



Colony 28 Dimensions

1x4 Bin Dimensions

Warning SymbolWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive 


Sizing Chart

Outside Dimensions -

Colony 8 Thin - 8.6" x 5.25" x 1.5"

Colony 15 Thin - 10.6" x 7.2" x 1.5"

Colony 15 - 10.6" x 7.2" x 2"

Colony 28 - 14" x 9" x 2"

Colony 28 Deep - 14" x 9" x 3.25"

BUZBE Sizing Chart of Boxes with Dimensions

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Colony Modular Tackle Box Overview




Modular Internal Bins – Individual modular internal bins come in a variety of sizes to allow for a truly customizable layout. Additional internal bins sold separately HERE.



5 Customizable Bin Sizes


Customizable HEXLOK Grid System – Grid system allows for a customizable internal layout. Modular internal bins secure into place with HEXLOK. Additional internal bins sold separately.




Rust Preventative – Special plastic additive emits a harmless vapor that coats of the box and prevents rust. Prolong life of expensive lures, hooks, weights, and other fishing tackle.



Waterproof Gasket
Airtight gasket keeps water and dust out.
Sun Protective
Sun blocking additives mixed into the plastic lid prevents yellow/fading and harmful UV rays from box contents.

Security Locking Hole
Use a padlock or locking cable to secure your box and contents. Reduce the threat of theft.



Over-engineered from military-grade plastic with 316 stainless steel hinge and latch trim. , clear lid is made from the same material as bullet-proof glass. *NOT intended to stop bullets*

Waterproof Gasket
Airtight gasket keeps water and dust out.
Sun Protective
Sun blocking additives mixed into the plastic lid prevents yellow/fading and harmful UV rays from box contents.

Quik-Pop Access
Latches are designed to “pop” up and away from the lid in one quick motion. Simply pull up on the latch from underneath while keeping all other fingers clear from the top side of the stainless steel latch strap to achieve quick access.
Military Grade Latches
is made from a saltwater-rated 316 stainless steel latch strap and military-grade glass-filled nylon. If it’s tough enough for the military, then it’s tough enough for us. Oorah!


Fortified Hinges
A wall of hinge supports across the encasing a saltwater-rated 316 stainless steel hinge pin. Precisely designed for the lid to open and rest at a position in line with the bottom of the box. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Robert F. (Lancaster, Massachusetts)

Very good product

jerry w. (Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina)
Top Shelf

I ordered a 28 deep, so I could see if I liked it. I’ve since ordered four more trays with various configurations. These boxes are easily the best I’ve put my hands on. I’m a full time guide and even my clients have asked where they can get one. It definitely is helping me stay more organized and the quality is excellent!! Tight lines…Capt. Jerry Waits

cole l. (Waterloo, Illinois)
These boxes are worth the money

I just ordered this box to hold my big baits that my normal colony won't hold. I put my big glides, mag drafts and spinner baits in there and it holds them and organizes them really well. I also live that it stacks together with my normal colony.

William O. (Pensacola, Florida)
Well built but needs different bin configuation.

Needs bins that run full length width wise. Because it is extra deep it would be great to store large trolling lures. The bins that come with it run fore and aft and are just to small. Full width bins that were a little wider would be nice also.