Starter Kit - Colony 15 Modular Tackle Box

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Want to get started with some BUZBE Boxes but not sure where to start? We got you covered! The Starter Kit offers 4 standard Colony 15 boxes prepacked with custom bins, 2 empty Colony 15 boxes, and a ton of extra internal bins to customize the layouts how ever you want.

The BUZBE Colony 15 Modular Tackle Box uses new innovative technology that resets the standard of what tackle storage can do. Extremely familiar yet totally redesigned.

Designed to be customized to one’s needs, protect tackle, and be durable enough to last for years of fishing. Fishermen are different and unique, why shouldn’t their tackle box be too? Build Your Own Box Now!

Prepacked with:
4 - Colony 15 Modular Tackle Boxes / 2 - Empty Colony 15 Modular Tackle Boxes / 1 Pack of 1x1 bins / 1 pack of 1x2 bins / 1 pack of 1x3 bins / 1 pack of 1x4 bins / 1 pack of 2x2 bins / 2 Buzbe Stickers
Additional Customizable Bins sold separately HERE.
Patent Pending


Colony 15 Dimensions


Modular Internal Bins – Individual modular internal bins come in a variety of sizes to allow for a truly customizable layout. Additional internal bins sold separately HERE.

Rust Preventative – Special plastic additive emits a harmless vapor that coats contents of the box and prevents rust. Prolong life of expensive lures, hooks, weights, and other fishing tackle.



5 Customizable Bin Sizes


Customizable HEXLOK Grid System – Grid system allows for a customizable internal layout. Modular internal bins secure into place with HEXLOK. Additional internal bins sold separately.

Over-engineered from military-grade plastic with 316 stainless steel hinge and latch trim. Impact-resistant, clear lid is made from the same material as bullet-proof glass. *NOT intended to stop bullets*


Waterproof Gasket
Airtight gasket keeps water and dust out.
Sun Protective
Sun blocking additives mixed into the plastic lid prevents yellow/fading and blacks harmful UV rays from box contents.


Quik-Pop Access
Latches are designed to “pop” up and away from the lid in one quick motion. Simply pull up on the latch from underneath while keeping all other fingers clear from the top side of the stainless steel latch strap to achieve quick access.
Military Grade Latches
Latch is made from a saltwater-rated 316 stainless steel latch strap and military-grade glass-filled nylon. If it’s tough enough for the military, then it’s tough enough for us. Oorah!

Fortified Hinges
A wall of hinge supports span across the back side encasing a saltwater-rated 316 stainless steel hinge pin. Precisely designed for the lid to open and rest at a position in line with the bottom of the box.

Security Locking Hole
Use a padlock or locking cable to secure your box and contents. Reduce the threat of theft.


Warning SymbolWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. 


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Customer Reviews

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Top-Quality System

This is a really great system, both for organization and for taking good care of the equipment. It’s very solid, the lids and latches fit precisely (unlike the standard plastic utility boxes out there), the seal is excellent, and the UV and rust protection are a great bonus. The clear plastic boxes are a good inexpensive product, but they don’t stay clear very long once they start to get scratched and yellowed, and over time the lids become loose, the ribs and dividers warp - none of this will happen with the Colony boxes...

The drawbacks are very few... The Colony 15 is not exactly the same size as the equivalent standard clear plastic utility box, but it’s close, and fits well in my tackle bag. The boxes are thicker, so I can carry only three in the space that used to hold four, but it works well. (I can actually get four Buzbe boxes in, but it’s a tight fit, so I went with three and took it as an opportunity to de-clutter my lure collection!) Because the bins are thick and heavy-duty, they do take up some space, and each box appears to hold a slightly smaller amount of tackle - but once you start to take advantage of the organization possibilities I’ve found the Colony boxes actually hold just about as much. The bins snap in place pretty well, but can come slightly loose. However, since the lid of the box seals the contents in place the bins are always realigned and pressed back into place when the lid is closed, so a loose bin doesn’t really cause any problem, and can easily be snapped back in as needed.

All in all, I’ve been very pleased. I’ve also purchased the Colony 28 boxes for another type of fishing, so I’m recycling lots of clear plastic utility boxes and plan to use only the Buzbe boxes in the future.

Nothing beats this tackle system

I could not be happier with this investment. The construction is well thought out, strong, and aesthetically appealing. The usability and customizability is unmatched. I am a kayak fisherman and the smaller boxes fit in my kayak crate perfectly and are easy to use while out on the water. I truly appreciate that I can pack 7 to 8 of these if I want and everything I pack is staying right where I placed it no matter what orientation the box is in. I will be adding more to my collection for sure.

Box Tacklei

I’m very happy with my tackle box’s they are out standing well made try them guys you will happy with them,

Starter kit

This is well made and sturdy. Looking forward to ordering more boxes and trays

Great Product

Bought the Starter Kit-Colony 15 Modular Tackle Box. So far I love it! ILove them so much I went and bought 2 of the 28” Boxes at a local store to keep on the boat. So far so good. Can’t wait to use them. I’m confident that they will last me for years.